RG Falla Quarter Marathon raises £3,000 for Jonah and Anthony

RG Falla Quarter Marathon raises £3,000 for Jonah and Anthony

MORE than 200 runners helped this year’s RG Falla Quarter Marathon raise £3,000.

In its 14th year, the event saw 218 runners complete the six mile run from Vazon to L’Eree with Jonah Gillingham’s charity Helping Jonah Helping Others and Antony McMahon’s charity Friends Of Anthony Thomas – FOAT4MyLeg! chosen by RG Falla staff as the beneficiaries.

‘It was an incredible turnout, helped by having a dedicated website and online registration, great running conditions and two very worthy beneficiaries who the island have really taken to heart. I’m delighted that we can give Jonah and Anthony £1,500 each towards their continuing treatment and everyone at RG Falla wishes them well as they continue their road to good health,’ said Dave Stuart, who is part of the RG Falla organising committee.

Jonah and his parents were at the start line with the 17 year old getting the event officially underway. Jonah is currently receiving treatment for a rare blood disorder at a cost of £300,000 a year.

‘Jonah continues to have his medication fortnightly and he is doing really well. At our most recent appointment in Southampton, his renal doctor said he hoped that he may be able to do a trial withdrawal from the medication in September to see if Jonah can come off it completely. We have everything very tightly crossed but in the meantime, the support from companies like RG Falla is vital to his continued health. We want to thank every runner for making a difference,’ said Jonah’s mother Sonia.

Having had his operation in Florida on 12th April, 10-year-old Anthony was unable to attend and is undergoing intensive physiotherapy in America as doctors slowly help his left leg to grow the 8cms needed. Before he left Guernsey with his parents Ian and Kerry, £85,000 had already been raised to cover the cost of the first operation and the physiotherapy but a further £26,500 is needed for the second operation to remove the external fixator after eight months.

‘We are delighted with the money raised through the RG Falla Quarter Marathon which will help fund Anthony's return trip to Dr Paley in America. Thanks to every organiser, volunteer and participant who have enabled another step to be paved on Anthony's successful surgical journey,’ said Mr McMahon.   ‘Anthony is accustomed to the daily routine of physiotherapy, coupled by the fortnightly routine of x-rays and overview, but what we all can't become accustomed to is the generosity of spirit and giving bestowed upon us.’ 

Carl Holden was first home in 35 minutes and 38 seconds with Ulrike Maisch being the first lady across the line in 40 minutes and 41 seconds. Geomarine took the fastest team title with an average time of 41 minutes and 48 seconds.