Le Catillon – Passivhaus

Le Catillon – Passivhaus

In 2019 RG Falla were approached by two architects to construct their private home in the parish of St Pierre du Bois. Besides the challenges of a confined site, with difficult access, the house was to be built to strict Passivhaus standards; one of only a few in the Channel Islands.

Project Manager, Paul Salazar said “Le Catillon has been an exciting project to work on, right from the start the project required high levels of quality control to meet the demanding Passivhaus requirements. The design utilised the internal space to its full advantage, incorporating concealed storage, resulting in a clean minimalist look throughout.”

Le Catillon was built with meticulous attention to detail, according to the principles developed by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany, and certified by a rigorous quality assurance process. RG Falla is delighted that the build exceeded the exacting criteria in testing, achieving an air test result of 0.27m 3 changes per hour at 50Pa; the requirement was below 0.6. 

Key features of Le Catillon:

  • Very high level of insulation
  • Airtight building fabric
  • Mechanical ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery
  • High performance triple glazed windows
  • Architectural concrete floors and ceilings providing high thermal mass for heat retention
  • Sedum green roof